Goal keeper Gloves

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Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7201) (GK-7201)
Palm 3.5 mm of Nova latex with 4mm cushioning foam gives the Ace Pro the best grip and cushioning for soccer goalkeepers in the adidas range. Double thumb wrap for increased stability and a tight fit for the thumb from the top and the bottom side. The Nova + cushioning foam has been designed to the exact specifications of Adidas match balls. Finger Protection None Backhand Full Latex backhand for comfort and feel. Cut Negative Cut. Through an engineered in-hand pattern, this special negative cut with latex gussets ensures a seamless touch. This cut is ideal for goalkeepers with slender hands, or goalkeepers who prefer a tighter fitting glove Closure Revolutionary neoprene close fitting bandage provides an ideal fit to the wrist. The Adidas stretch strap allows the goalkeeper to customize the fit and feel of the goalkeeper glove making it a perfect fit for most wrists. User Game or Practice glove for accomplished goalkeepers Conditions All weather. Best when palm is kept damp. Additional Information Color: White/Black/Red
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7202) (GK-7202)
Palm 4mm German contact latex for the best grip in all weather conditions with internal non-slip silicone. Finger Protection None Backhand Beautiful 3D embossing creates our most unique backhand to date. The glove features Liquiproof® backhand means no more tireless cleaning and no more wet heavy gloves pulling you down on those rainy days. It chews up and spits out water like it's nothing, keeping it fresh, dry and comfortable unlike any other - watch as water literally beads up and rolls off your glove while remaining breathable due to it's revolutionary nanotechnology. The backhand is completed with wind stopper mesh for breathability and comfort. Cut Designed from the ground up in collaboration with Premier League goalkeeper Allan McGregor, the MCG glove series feature unique design properties and the all new hybrid flat palm, the "UltraFlat". Combining negative stitching with a pre-curved flat palm and internal non-slip silicone, it truly brings the classic into the modern era whilst retaining that classic latex coverage flat palms are known for. Closure New "MidSplit" strap combines the comfort of latex straps, with additional adjustment for fans of elasticated stretch straps - the best of both worlds. User Game glove for advanced goalkeepers Conditions Excellent in all weather conditions Additional Information Color: Blue/Purple/White
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7203) (GK-7203)
Palm 4mm German contact latex for the best grip in all weather conditions. Finger Protection None Backhand Beautiful 3D embossing creates the most unique backhand to date while. The mesh inserts allow for excellent breathability. The iconic black and electric blue detailing combined with all new GEO features makes this a glove that ticks all the match day boxes. Cut The "Medius" Cut. A hybrid of roll and negative cuts. The middle and ring fingers feature a negative cut, whilst the pinky, index and thumb all feature the popular roll finger cut. Closure New "MidSplit" strap combines the comfort of latex straps, with additional adjustment for fans of elasticated stretch straps - the best of both worlds. User Game or Practice Glove for all Goalkeepers Conditions All weather latex. Perfect when the palm is kep slightly damp. Additional Information Color: Black/Electric Blue Spiritual successor to the ever popular (and now discontinued) Pulse.
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7204) (GK-7204)
Palm Patented soft latex foam Finger Protection Yes, integrated SUPPORTFRAME element for an optimized stabilization of goalkeeper's hands and fingers. Not as rigid as other finger protection options. Backhand A soft, flexible, sturdy EVA material with soft PU glove body featuring perforations around the fingers for improved breathability Cut Classic flat palm cut for maximized catching area for the youth goalkeeper Closure V-Notch opening to help the youth goalie get the gloves on and off. Classical EVA flap with velcro-closure User Youth goalkeeper requiring finger support, which is less rigid than standard finger protection Conditions Best used in dry conditions. Additional Information Color: Blue/Black/Green
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7205) (GK-7205)
> Men's goalkeeping gloves > Soft grip zone > Latex back hand > Full wrist strap > Elastic bandage > Dynamic cut
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7206) (GK-7206)
Palm Soft Grip foam is a quality palm made of a natural and synthetic latex mixture. It offers good grip in dry conditions Finger Protection None Backhand Soft EVA backing. Embossed foam design makes the glove more flexible at many breakpoints. Mini mesh and textile inserts for breathability and comfort Cut Flat palm cut. The deep thumb notch on the face of the glove includes an elasticized piece below the foam to help eliminate tear out. We also use an elasticized thread throughout the glove to help eliminate tear out. Side mesh vents allow this glove to keep cooler during match play. Closure Wider Latex Wrist Bandage closure with velcro fasteners. User Town, Travel and REC goalkeepers. Conditions Best used in dry conditions Additional Information Color: Gecko Green/Safety Yellow
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7207) (GK-7207)
Palm 3mm Ultimasoft palm (Black latex) Finger Protection None Backhand Neoprene backhand with a stitched articulation for freedom of movement. The punchzone features full latex with a silicon print on both sections. The Blackout limited edition color option see's the entire backhand get a stealthy design. Cut The Roll Finger Cut uses Biomimietic gecko palm shape, which mimics a gecko's foot and offers the largest possible contact patch on the ball. Closure 3mm latex with micro injection end tab to protect the latex from the velcro fasteners. User High School/College goalkeepers looking for an excellent balance of grip and durability. Conditions All weather latex. Additional Information Color: Blackout
Goal Keeper Gloves (GK-7208) (GK-7208)
> Goal Keeper Gloves > Mesh Ventilation > High quality > Hook and Loop Tape Fastening > Foam Latex Grip > Flex grooves > Wash Palms With Warm Water
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